dance moms premiere
Past “Dance Moms” premiere dates give some clue as to when the Season 7B episodes will air. Lifetime

“Dance Moms” only just ended, but Lifetime is already in production on new episodes. While the network has not revealed when the date the docuseries will return to airwaves for the back half of Season 7 (also known by fans as Season 8), there are some clues as to when they can expect to see the premiere.

Historically, new seasons of “Dance Moms” premiere in January. While Season 1 premiered in July 2011, five of the seven “Dance Moms” installments have kicked off in January. With the upcoming installment being Season 7B and not Season 8, it’s unlikely Lifetime will make fans of Abby Lee Miller’s ALDC wait until 2018 to see the new episodes.

Based on past midseason premiere dates, it’s possible “Dance Moms” will return this summer. An exact date is, of course, unknown at this time, but past midseason premieres have occurred in June and August for Season 2B and Season 4B, respectively. Unlike previous seasons, Season 7 premiered on Lifetime in November 2016, two months earlier than the norm. Could this mean Season 7B will arrive earlier than this summer? Fans will have to wait and see!

While a premiere date is up in the air, in-the-know “Dance Moms” fans are well-aware of the drama that has been occurring on set. After filming two episodes, Chloe Lukasiak, who made a cameo in February’s finale, competed alongside Murrieta Dance Project as part of episode 17 on Feb. 25.

There are currently two more competitions scheduled. Fans can see the ALDC girls perform at Fierce NDC competition in Fresno, California, on Saturday and Sheer Talent at the Cashman Center Theater in Las Vegas on March 11.