The Duggar family always has a big year and 2019 was no exception. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar’s brood of 19 welcomed in four grandchildren. So, what will 2020 hold for the “Counting On” stars? Here are our predictions in regards to possible future courtships and pregnancy announcements for the family in the new year.



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For years, fans of the Duggars have predicted when the oldest Duggar daughter, Jana, will enter into a courtship. Could 2020 be her year? The 29-year-old (who turns 30 on Jan. 12) just saw her twin brother, John-David Duggar, recently get married, so now could be her time. After all, she has been in at least four rumored courtships since 2017. Last year, she even revealed she has been in relationships before, they were just not publicly announced.

Jana isn’t the only Duggar who could soon enter into an official courtship. Her brothers, twins Jeremiah and Jedidiah Duggar, just turned 21. In October, fans suspected Jedidiah may be making a courtship announcement soon after joining Instagram. Jedidiah has also been rumored to be dating his sister-in-law Kendra’s sister Lauren Caldwell, and he’s not the only one! Jason Duggar, 19, and James Duggar, 18, have also been speculated to be dating Lauren.



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The Duggars welcomed a whopping four babies in 2019 but that doesn’t mean fans shouldn’t expect more big news from the family in 2020.

First up is John-David and his wife, Abbie. The couple is due to welcome their first child, a girl, in January. They last updated fans on Dec. 18 in the above Instagram post and revealed Abbie was 36-weeks along.

Meanwhile, Josh Duggar, the eldest, welcomed his sixth child, daughter Maryella, with wife Anna in November. Jessa and Ben Seewald welcomed their third child this year with daughter Ivy. Historically, both couples have spaced out their children out by two years so fans shouldn’t expect a baby announcement in 2020 from either of them.

Two other Duggar couples also just welcomed children, so it’s unlikely we could get another pregnancy announcement from them anytime soon. Josiah and Lauren Duggar had daughter Bella, their first, in November. Likewise, Joseph and Kendra Duggar only welcomed their second child, daughter Addison, in November. However, the couple did have their two babies back-to-back, introducing son Garrett in 2018.

Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth tragically announced a miscarriage last year. They were due to expect their second baby, a girl, to join their son Gideon in November. It is unknown if they plan to expand their family more at this time.

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo could very well be the next Duggar pregnancy announcement. The two welcomed their first child, daughter Felicity, in summer 2018. And while they were busy moving to Los Angeles last year, 2020 could very well by the year they add a new addition.

Jill and Derick Dillard, who are no longer on “Counting On,” haven’t welcomed a child to join their two sons since 2017, so they could always be looking to expand.

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