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"Little Women: LA" star Terra Jolé was the first person with dwarfism to compete on "Dancing With the Stars." Lifetime

Terra Jolé made history as the first little person to compete on “Dancing With the Stars,” but it came at a price: She had to have surgery.

Jolé has no regrets. “It was kind-of surreal to be asked to be a part of the show. I didn’t want to let myself down or anyone else down. I didn’t want to be a disappointment,” the mother-of-two told International Business Times in a Wednesday phone interview. “I gave the show everything I had to make my journey successful.”

Jolé, 36, gave birth to her son, Grayson, Aug. 1 via caesarian section three weeks before she started “Dancing With the Stars.” Typically, new mothers are supposed to abstain from exercise for six weeks after giving birth-- and it’s usually longer for a C-section.

Even though she got a doctor’s approval to participate, Jolé’s decision to dance on Season 23 left her with three hernias and a split diastasis, which is when a mother’s belly protrudes because the left and right stomach muscles widened.

While most people would not have expected her to compete so soon after having a C-section, it was worth it for Jolé. “Would I be in that situation if I didn’t dance so quickly after having a baby? Most likely not,” she admitted. “Would I change anything about what I did? No.”

Her professional dance partner, Sasha Farber, was one of the first people who noticed the bulge in her belly. For Jolé’s safety, Farber omitted lifts from their routines. Before she could get the surgery, the reality star wore a brace around her stomach while competing.

It might sound dangerous, but it was medically safe for Jolé to continue. “I spoke with the doctor and he said as long as I wasn’t in pain I was able to continue the show,” she said. “And I followed the doctor’s orders.” She was the ninth contestant eliminated from the show, which landed her in fourth place.

Her recovery was documented for Season 6 of “Little Women: LA.” “We’re in the middle of twenty episodes,” she said.

Jolé’s daughter, 20-month old daughter Penelope, was featured on previous seasons of “Little Women: LA.” Her son, Grayson, will likely appear on the series, too. “I’m shoving a battle in his mouth as we speak,” she joked about Grayson during the phone interview. “He’s coming into his own.”

Penelope has achondroplasia, a form of dwarfism. Jolé doesn’t yet know if Grayson has dwarfism. “He just had his four-month checkup,” she said. “He’s on track for height and weight.”

Aside from being a mother, reality star and competitive dancer, Jolé wants to expand her resume. Next, she wants to tackle hosting. “This year you’ll see a little more of that,” she said. “There’s a couple of projects that are currently brewing that will definitely be in 2017.”

An airdate for Season 6 of “Little Women: LA” has not been announced by Lifetime.

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