Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II is formal and tiny with a great sense of humor. Pictured: Queen Elizabeth II attends the Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey in London on March 11, 2019. Getty Images/Richard Pohle

Queen Elizabeth II is very different when she’s with the people close to her.

According to Ingrid Seward in Yahoo’s “The Royal Box,” the monarch is different depending on the circumstances. Queen Elizabeth II adjusts accordingly to the people she’s with and to the type of event.

“If you meet her officially, she’s formal and tiny and beautiful and you talk about horses, that’s what I can always talk about with her,” the editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine said.

However, she has a different persona when she’s with her friends where she lets her guard down. Seward shared one encounter with Queen Elizabeth at a semi-private party where everyone had a nickname and the Queen spoke in riddles.

“[She has a] great sense of humor and her whole face was relaxed and smiling and she was telling funny stories, she’s quite a wit.”

One netizen said that she wasn’t surprised about the Queen’s “good sense of humor” because she really does appear to have one.

“I have been standing right by her at the races and she certainly enjoys herself and yes, our horse beat her horse and she clapped ours into the winning enclosure,” Eva recalled her encounter with the Queen and added that her Majesty is “absolutely brilliant love her to pieces like my Nan even wears hats like my Nan.”

Queen Elizabeth II is generally cool, but sometimes she loses her temper, too. In June 2016, the royal family gathered at the balcony of Buckingham Palace to witness Trooping the Colour.

During the event, Prince William bent down to talk to his son Prince George. Queen Elizabeth II was caught on camera tapping the Duke of Cambridge’s shoulder and gesturing him to stand up.

She was also upset when Prince Harry made an unnecessary comment about the monarchy. The Duke of Sussex questioned if there’s anyone in the royal family who wants to be king and he answered, “I don’t think so.” Meghan Markle’s husband then said that despite this, they still need to carry out their duties.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Harry share a “very special relationship.“ Her Majesty convinced the soon-to-be dad to stick to his royal duties during the times when he was about to leave his royal life behind to have a normal life.