Following failed attempts to send messages, WhatsApp users took to Twitter to voice their feelings of frustation on Sunday. 

On New Year’s Eve, individuals who frequent WhatsApp began to tweet their disappointment after realizing the app was experiencing trouble ahead of 2018. Many of who, planned on using the app to send well wishes to their loved ones in the new year.

Although it isn’t unheard of for an app to crash, WhatsApp users seem especially angered about the app’s frequent crashes, especially around this time of year. However, one user who took to Twitter didn’t seem too upset about the app’s status but instead questioned whether the tech trouble was an annual occurrence.

“So #whatsapp goes down for a few minutes and everyone thinks it’s the end of the world. Seem to think this happened this time last year as well!!!” the individual wrote.

Another user seemed to share the same sentiments. “One thing that #WhatsApp does consistently every year is crashing on New Year’s Eve. Can’t they mitigate this eventuality?”

One person admitted that they actually expected the crash to happen and were fully prepared for the tech fail. “Sent a message to my friends wishing a Happy New Year because I thought #WhatsApp wouldn’t work tonight... I was totally right xD #NewYearsEve,” the individual tweeted.

Another Twitter user revealed their backup plan in order to reach their loved ones ahead of 2018. “#WhatsApp down again second time this year.Let me go on one of my 40 different apps to send a message,” one person wrote.

WhatsApp is a messenger app offered across various mobile platforms and can be used by smartphones including iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile. The mobile app, which is considered an alternative to text messages or SMS, allows users to send and receive messages, share photos and exchange other information.

The app is also beneficial for users wishing to converse with someone in another country without paying expensive international fees.

As of Sunday evening, some WhatsApp users have tweeted that their app is working again, however, others have revealed that they still have not gained back use of the app.