A month ago, WABetaInfo revealed that it had spotted a new WhatsApp feature called disappearing messages in the beta build 2.19.275 of the Android app. The feature is reportedly in the works, and it has now been named as Delete Messages in the latest beta build 2.19.348 update. This upcoming feature enables users to set chat messages to be detached after a particular period of time.

The WhatsApp Delete Messages feature, according to reports, is considered a clone from Snapchat, where it was one of the significant features from the start. The upcoming feature could be Facebook’s way of keeping young people on the platform. When this feature is activated, the Delete Messages feature can be accessed in Group Settings or Contact Info.

WhatsApp WhatsApp and other encrypted messaging services may be required to provide a government backdoor according to U.K. law. Photo: Webster2703/Pixabay

Since the Delete Messages WhatsApp feature is only available on group chat, only administrators will be allowed to activate it. With this feature, users can select how long their messages will be available before they get deleted. At present, available message duration options are one hour, one day, one week, one month, and one year.

The Deleting Messages feature is compatible with the dark theme in WhatsApp. Unfortunately, users will have to wait for the upcoming feature to be available since, at this point, it is not yet functional. In other words, even if your device is already running on the latest Android 2.19.348 beta build, this feature is not yet available.

But, just like all other beta features, it will be rolled out to beta users first for testing before it will be officially released to the public. Aside from the Deleting Messages feature coming soon, Express recently reports that WhatsApp web is anticipated to receive Grouped Stickers feature. This feature was first made available on iOS and Android platforms and will allow users to send more stickers at a time.