It’s that special time of year again. Shark Week 2020 is finally swimming closer, and Discovery Channel has released the full schedule. The event, which kicks off its 32nd year, will air on TV from Sunday, Aug. 9 through Sunday, Aug. 16 with two dozen brand-new shark-focused specials.

See the full Shark Week 2020 schedule:

Sunday, August 9

8 p.m. – “Air Jaws: Ultimate Breach Off”

  • Three teams of researchers return to see if the shark population is rebounding.

9 p.m. – “Tyson vs. Jaws: Rumble on the Reef

  • Mike Tyson will supposedly “try to score a TKO over the massive shark… all in the name of research,” Discovery claims. Ring announcer Michael Buffer will make the calls.

10 p.m. – “Shark Lockdown”

  • The COVID-19 lockdown won’t stop shark researchers. They built a self-propelled cage to see how the hunting patterns of female great whites have changed in New Zealand.

Monday, August 10

8 p.m. – “Abandoned Waters”

  • Humans are in lockdown, but the sharks aren’t. With no people around for the first time in decades, some huge great whites are returning to their natural behaviors.

9 p.m. – “ShaqAttack”

  • After “Shaq Does Shark Week” last year, Shaquille O’Neal is back to determine which shark has the perfect predatory attack. YouTube stars Dude Perfect and Mark Rober join him.

10 p.m. – “Jaws Awakens”

  • Join the search for the largest male great white shark in the world.
When does Shark Week 2020 start?
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Tuesday, August 11

8 p.m. – “Extinct or Alive: Land of the Lost Sharks”

  • Biologist/conservationist Forrest Galante dives into some of the most shark-infested waters in an attempt to rediscover three long-lost sharks.

9 p.m. – “Will Smith: Off The Deep End

  • Will Smith’s new entanglement could be with a shark. The actor is diving into shark-infested waters to confront his fears.

10 p.m. – “Great White Serial Killer Extinction”

  • The Great White Serial Killer is on a killing spree that may make the California Sea Otter go extinct.

Wednesday, August 12

8 p.m. – “Monster Under the Bridge”

  • Is an 18-foot-long, one-ton great hammerhead named Big Moe living under the Old Seven Mile Bridge? If true, he will be the largest hammerhead ever.

9 p.m. – “Adam Devine’s Secret Shark Lair”

  • Adam Devine returns with Anders Holm and Blake Anderson to investigate the tiger shark lair found last year.

10 p.m. – “Great White Double Trouble”

  • Australia has two different great white populations and researchers want to know who rules the waters.

Thursday, August 13

8 p.m. – “Air Jaws 2020

  • Shark Week celebrates 20 years of flying sharks with Jeff Kurr, Chris Fallows, Dickie Chivell.

9 p.m. – “Jaws in America”

  • Snoop Dogg takes a look at why great white sharks are taking up residence along America's shores. Snoop takes a look at crazy encounters caught on camera and meets with shark experts.

10 p.m. – “Mako Nation”

  • Follow an expedition to uncover the mysteries of the mako shark in one of the last places where they are the kings of the sea.

Friday, August 14

8 p.m. – “Alien Sharks: First Contact”

  • Researchers are pursuing the elusive frilled shark, sleeper shark and cookie-cutter shark, who are so weird that they’re dubbed “alien” sharks.

9 p.m. – “Lair of the Great White

  • Experts investigate why a population of great whites off the coast of Western Australia is so much more aggressive than others.

10 p.m. – “Tiger Shark King”

  • A deepsea camera captured a 14-foot tiger shark being attacked an unseen beast. Could it be an unknown species of mega-shark?

11 p.m. – “I Was Prey Shark Week 2”

  • A bull shark attacked a spearfishing expedition while a great white goes after a paddle boarder.
Shark Week 2020
Shark Week is now in its 32nd year. A promotional photo from a 2019 special is above. Discovery

Saturday, August 15

8 p.m. – “Sharks of Ghost Island”

  • Locals have abandoned Ghost Island, located on the edge of the Bermuda Triangle, but could it be a shark hot spot?

9 p.m. – “Wicked Sharks”

  • Expert Dr. Greg Skomal uses new tech to discover the great white shark’s point-of-view and figure out how to better protect the public.

10 p.m. – “Sharks Gone Wild 3”

  • This special goes over viral videos, the biggest news stories and the latest in cutting-edge shark science.

11 p.m. – “I Was Prey: Terrors from the Deep”

  • This round of shark attack survivors includes a California surfer, a Canadian thrill-seeker, an Alabama football coach and a mother from North Carolina.

Sunday, August 16

8 p.m. – “Naked & Afraid of Sharks 2”

  • Five “Naked and Afraid” veterans (Matt Wright, Jeff Zausch, Serena and Amber Shine, and Alex Manard) attempt to survive on a remote strip of islands right by what the locals call “Shark Alley.” They have no choice but to brave the water and compete with sharks for the same food.