Fans are eagerly awaiting word on the new season of “The Amazing Race,” but unfortunately, they’re going to have to continue waiting to find out just who won $1 Million on a recent trek around the world.

As of now, the reality competition series has not been given a premiere date on the CBS schedule, and while nothing official has been announced, host Phil Keoghan has given fans some hope about the show’s return.

After a fan asked Keoghan on Twitter about when the series would be coming back, he admitted he wasn’t entirely sure, but he believed the series would come back again early next year.

“Depends on how fall @CBS shows to go but I think early 2019,” he wrote.

Amazing Race
Phil Keoghan has revealed new details about the potential “Amazing Race” Season 31 premiere. Timothy Kuratek/CBS

If the show does not find a home on the Fall schedule (which, if CBS honors initial episode orders for their new shows, is likely), then a home in early 2019 would make sense. It found success when airing in January of this year on Wednesday nights, in the same timeslot that is usually occupied by “Survivor” or “Big Brother” the rest of the year.

In fact, the success of that season, which saw “Big Brother” Season 19 stars Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf win the $1 Million prize, is what inspired the show’s producers to go with the themed casting they did for Season 31. All of the teams competing have either previously competed on “TAR,” “Survivor” or “Big Brother.”

Meanwhile, though the show’s 31st season has not received a set premiere date, preparations have already gotten underway for Season 32 of the show. According to Reality Blurred back in July, Season 31 filming is set to begin in November, and the casting process had already started.

The website also noted that the casting was likely focusing on a typical season of regular players, something the show has not done in a while.

Season 30 consisted of teams known for their competitive natures, and all of whom were moderately famous prior to being on the show. Season 29 saw everyday competitors who weren’t necessarily famous for any reason but made teams at the starting line that consisted entirely of strangers. Season 28 was also themed, with the teams all consisting of social media stars.