As many know, the “Fuller House” series will soon be coming to an end. Candace Cameron-Bure, who notably plays the role of DJ Tanner-Fuller, revealed more about the final episodes of the series during her live stream appearance on “The Talk Chat Room” with Sheryl Underwood on Tuesday.

Bure told Underwood that a lot of people are asking for the second half of season five to be released since they’re stuck inside during the current coronavirus pandemic.

“Everyone is saying like ‘please drop the last nine episodes’ [because] you know it’s like the farewell season...I don’t think that they actually have everything ready to be able to let those episodes go right now,” Bure explained to Underwood from the comfort of their homes. “I know the fans want them while we’re all sitting home, but I think they’ll be ready in the summertime.”

However, Bure did share a slight spoiler regarding what fans can expect to see in the show’s final episodes.

“There’s nine episodes left and you're getting a wedding,” the actress revealed. “You’re getting a big triple wedding...”

Underwood added the show is perfect for families to watch together.

“Exactly, if you see Candace, you know it’s going to be wholesome family entertainment,” the Hallmark channel actress added.

As the two laughed about Bure’s wholesome image, Underwood joked that she would have to clean up her act if the 43-year-old came to one of her comedy shows.

“I somehow do that to people,” Bure added. “They clean up their language around me. They pretend like they have to be all like different and I’m like ‘No, man you be you. I’m me. You be you.’”

As “Fuller House” fans wait for the last episodes of the Netflix series, they can see more of Bure on the Hallmark channel. 

“I have my mystery movie series on the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries channel,” she told Underwood. “It’s ‘Aurora Tea Garden...’ I think we’ve been doing them for five years now. It’s incredible, but I think we’re on movie number 14 or 15. So the latest--The newest one comes out on April 14, I think...It’s in a couple weeks.”

Underwood noted that the air date might be postponed due to the current coronavirus pandemic.

“That’s our air date,” Bure replied. “It could be pushed with all that’s happening. Hopefully not, but there’s like all the reruns and marathons on right now...They’re all family-friendly.”

During an interview with ET, Bure revealed that the latest production for the movie mystery series had been postponed.

"We were in the middle of filming a new Aurora Teagarden mystery for the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries Channel, and we got in one week of production and then we were shut down, which I was very happy about," Bure told the outlet in regards to the impact of COVID-19. "I thought that was the most responsible decision, and it was the right decision. 

She added, "So I left Vancouver and immediately came home to my family, and we were all hoping that within two weeks or three weeks we'd start production back up, but now watching the news every day, I don't see that happening."

All four and a half seasons of "Fuller House" are currently available to stream on Netflix.