Rapper Lil Boosie was never released from prison. The story emerged from satire website Cream BMP Daily. It’s the same site that claimed pop star Miley Cyrus was pregnant with Juicy J’s baby in September.

Many people on Twitter haven’t realized the story is a joke and think the 31-year-old rapper, whose real name is Torrence Hatch, was released for less than an hour just to be locked up again because he owed $80,000 in child support.

The rumor was perpetuated by a fake Twitter account with TMZ’s likeness. The story was retweeted nearly 5,000 times.

The satire site is riddled with grammar and punctuation errors. It includes a fake quote from one of Boosie's children’s mothers, which says she issued the warrant the moment he got out of prison.

“Just because you locked up don’t mean you don’t pay yo bills. No mortgage payment, no house. No child support, no kids. Its Simple,” the erroneous statement reads. “I wanted him to feel what it was like to be free before being locked right back up. Maybe that will motivate his @ss to pay bills on time.”

The satire site even provides a false quote from an officer: “It felt weird as hell putting the cuffs back on him right after taking them off. We don’t get paid overtime for this type of sh*t.”

The story was written by comedian Cream. All of the articles published on the website are phony, and Cream Bmp even has a disclaimer on its site: “This website is comprised of satire and parody of current news and urban culture. For entertainment purposes only.”

The hype of Lil Boosie getting out of prison probably went viral on Tuesday because on XXLMag.com wrote the rapper, who had been incarcerated since 2009 for drug charges, would be released in February 2014, though the exact date of his release is unknown. While behind bars, he has reportedly written 600 songs.

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