My 600-Lb Life
Doug Armstrong was the subject on an episode of “My 600-Lb Life: Where Are They Now?” TLC

On the Wednesday night episode of “My 600-Lb Life: Where Are They Now?,” viewers caught up with Season 5 subject Doug Armstrong, who went into the care of Dr. Nowzaradan weighing in at 684 pounds.

Doug was desperate to get help when he realized his weight would eventually cut his life short and take him away from his kids and wife, Ashley. The subject initially struggled to lose weight but recently shared updates on his Facebook page, letting fans of the show know he has finally gotten his act together.

After seeing a therapist, Doug learned his dependency on food was a result of feeling abandoned by his mother when he was a child. Doug later found out his mother actually left in order to protect him from her violent temper.

Once he came to terms with his past and began to move forward, Doug was able to lose over 200 pounds. However, in his episode of “My 600-Lb Life: Where Are They Now?,” TLC cameras followed Doug as he began to slip back into his bad eating habits.

In the episode, Ashley confronted Doug about his carb loaded meals out of fear he would put back on the weight he worked so hard to lose. Luckily, with the help of Dr. Now, Ashley was able to encourage her husband to follow through with his weight loss journey and maintain a healthy diet.

By the looks of Doug’s Facebook page, it appears Ashley and Dr. Now’s motivational words resonated with him amid his setback. Doug shared several photos on Thursday that revealed he has continued to lose weight and plays an active role in his kids’ lives.

In one post, Doug praised his wife for assisting him in his weight loss journey. “What an amazing last year. Thank you Ashley for being such a great partner, spouse, and best friend!” he wrote.

Although Doug didn’t reveal his current weight, in the comment section of the photos, he thanked family, friends, and fans of the show who congratulated him on his progress.

“My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EDT on TLC.