“Orange Is the New Black” fans were especially excited last year for Ruby Rose to make her debut on Season 3. While the Australian actress was the breakout star, she apparently didn’t return to reprise her role as badass inmate Stella Carlin.

When viewers last saw Stella, she helped Piper Chapman (played by Taylor Schilling) start an underground panty empire at Litchfield. The girls would sell used underwear online. Their business relationship soon turned personal and even led to Piper calling things off with Alex Vause (Laura Prepon). Their bond became permanent when Piper let Stella tattoo “trust no b----” on her arm.

Just as Stella was about to be released, Piper discovered that all the money she earned from her panty scheme was stolen. When she discovered it was Stella who took her funds, Piper planted incriminating evidence (weed and weaponry) in Stella’s dorm. Instead of being freed, Stella was taken to maximum security.

So where is she now? It doesn’t look like fans are going to find out what happened to Stella. She only breifly featured in Season 4. 

In real life, Rose has taken to working at clubs as a DJ. California DJ Josh Billings accused her of using prerecorded and premixed sound during her set in a Facebook video Wednesday.

It’s not the first time she faced criticism for being a female DJ. “I didn't wake up last week and buy a laptop,” she said on Instagram last year. “Everything I do is a result of hard work and I'm proud of it.”

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