Amazing Race
Britney Haynes and Janelle Pierzina (not pictured) could suffer during a double leg of “The Amazing Race” Season 31. CBS

A tense elimination in Vietnam could set the stage for some more serious drama as the “Amazing Race” Season 31 teams continue racing towards $1 million—and more complex challenges stand in their way.

In a preview clip for the fifth/sixth episodes of the season, it’s teased that one challenge, in particular, could bring some problems for the teams left in the competitive season. Not only do Colin Guinn and Christie Woods seem to struggle with completing the task, but Janelle Pierzina and Britney Haynes also seem to have some trouble, with Britney on the verge of tears and Janelle later on expressing some possible problems with their cab as well.

In addition, Rachel Reilly and Elissa Slater also express frustration with their cap driver in the clip too, as they sit in the car with sullen looks on their faces.

The synopsis for the first episode also teases that one of the teams could wind up being the ones who take themselves out in the end by making a decision that could change everything.

“Teams take a leap of faith when choosing which detour challenge to take on, and a split-second decision may make or break one team’s life in the race,” the synopsis reads. ,

However, the second episode could be even more challenging, as the intense head-to-head which was first introduced during Season 30 of the race, is brought back and threatens to upset the team's rankings as they fight to the finish.

“Teams must drum up enough strength for an intense head-to-head battle before checking into the mat,” the synopsis for “Who Wants a Rolex?” reveals.

Still, even with some drama, there may still be some fun involved in the two legs. A sneak peek clip shows teams completing a challenge at Dubai’s Glow Park, where they are all dressed up in Dinosaur costumes and on the search for glowing eggs. As Janelle and Britney and Chris Hammons and Bret LaBelle all race around trying to grab as many eggs as they can, Becca Droz and Floyd Pearce seem to be in their glory as they participate in the fun challenge.

“Amazing Race” airs at a new time, 8 p.m. EDT, Wednesdays on CBS.