Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, Prince Edward, Prince Charles, Prince Andrew and Princess Anne
Pictured: Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Prince Andrew, Princess Anne and Prince Edward on the occasion of a dinner to mark the forthcoming Diamond Wedding Anniversary of The Queen and The Duke on Nov. 18, 2007. Getty Images/Tim Graham

Prince Charles will one day become king, and his three younger siblings may have had different reactions when they learned about their eldest brother’s fate.

On the online forum site Quora, royal fans are convinced that one of Prince Charles’ siblings became jealous of his status. However, the other two couldn’t more relieved that they don’t have to take on such a huge and important role.

Sheena Brown said that Princess Anne, the busiest member of the royal family, couldn’t be keener about not wanting to lead the monarchy. In fact, when her children were born, she even decided to not give them a royal title so that they could lead normal lives.

Prince Andrew and Prince Edward also pursued other things in their lives. The flexibility that they received from Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip should have been more than enough for them to not want to be King someday.

“It’s more likely that if there is any resentment, it is probably less about lesser royals wanting the crown and more about the future monarch desiring to lead a free and normal life which is pretty much denied to those in direct line of succession… that is the likely root cause of any envy!” she said.

James Gracie, a self-employed individual, had an entirely different answer. He claimed that he has spoken to Prince Andrew and Prince Edward and both of them are pissed that Prince Charles will be King one day.

Prince Edward reportedly said that it’s just not fair that Prince Charles would be king. He also said that his “tosser” older brother, Prince Andrew, shouldn’t be King because no one would want to see him on the throne.

“‘He’s just a droopy-drawers with nothing much going for him. I’ve not got big ears like Charlie and my wife is more attractive than Camilla, so I should be next in line,’” Prince Edward reportedly said.