In the Coen brothers' absurdist and often dark film universe, hapless protagonists always seem to be up against nefarious -- and sometimes mustachioed or bizarrely coiffed -- super villains. Often, a suitcase full of funny money is involved.

You could call it the blueprint for the legendary filmmakers of such cult films as “Blood Simple,” “No Country for Old Men” and “Fargo.”

Kahlua Productions Films paid homage to this world in a short film/advert titled the "The White Russian," starring Jeff Bridges, whose character recalls his signature role as the White Russian-loving The Dude from the beloved Coen brothers 1998 hit, “The Big Lebowski.” (A White Russian cocktail, for the uninitiated, contains Kahlua, vodka, and cream.)

“The White Russian” debuts on Sept. 9, 2014, in Hollywood, where Bridges, with the Kahlua team, will attend a private screening with fans.

In the short, Bridges sits at a bar with a mysterious suitcase underfoot, talking to a beautiful bartender. As his gravelly voice narrates the tale of how he got the suitcase, a flashback depicts a young man driving in the desert, digging for a treasure that is soon to be coveted by a pair of villains driving his way.

“Then out of the sky falls this … guy,” he says. “A cosmonaut.” Or, perhaps … a white Russian cosmonaut? The space-traveler is dressed in white and while there is no clear indication that he is a Russian, there's no indication otherwise, either. “I think he fell from the heavens, an angel, here to save my sorry ass.”

If the Coen Brothers had expanded the scene further, it’s hard to imagine that Bridges’ suitcase -- or drink -- would remain intact for long.