bobbi kristina brown
Bobbi Kristina Brown is reportedly off the ventilator, according to the Houston family. Although she is breathing for herself, the 22-year-old remains unresponsive. Reuters

It appears the Houston family got that miracle they were praying for. The family of late Grammy Award-winning musician Whitney Houston has confirmed that Bobbi Kristina Brown is off life support and breathing on her own. The 22-year-old daughter of Houston and singer Bobby Brown has been in a medically induced coma for nearly three months after a friend discovered her face down in a bathtub full of water.

Although they initially denied it, the Houston family is now telling TMZ Bobbi Kristina is "breathing on her own." As was previously reported, the aspiring actress was not responding to visitors or familiar voices, her eye did not trail objects, and she had to have a tracheotomy. While it remains unclear whether she is more alert now that she's off the ventilator, her family did assure TMZ "the trach has to stay" -- at least for now.

The Brown family first shared this good news April 19, when father Bobby Brown told a Dallas, Texas, audience his daughter was "watching" him perform. His sisters Tina and Leolah Brown have since taken to their respective Facebook pages to reiterate his claims. However, Bobbi Kristina's maternal grandmother, Cissy Houston, contradicted these claims, saying her granddaughter had suffered "global and irreversible brain damage." She added that it would take "a miracle" for Bobbi Kristina to recover from this tragedy.

Both families are now on the same page, agreeing that the damage done to her brain due to lack of oxygen cannot be reversed, saying that she is still "unresponsive." They are now believed to be considering long-term care as an option.