Whitney Houston Final Journey
Whitney Houston's family fear grave robbers will try to steal the reported $500,000 worth of jewelry she is buried with. Reuters

Whitney Houston's family has hired a permanent armed guard to patrol the late singer's New Jersey grave. The family fears that grave robbers will come after the reported $500,000 of jewelry the singer is buried with.

The hiring of a guard isn't recent news. Whitney Houston, who died on February 11 at the age of 48, was buried on February 19. The guard was hired temporarily after the funeral due to the high number of fans visiting the sight. A guard has now become a permanent fixture at the sight, but the expense is causing the family to look into alternative safety precautions for the grave.

According to the Daily Mail, Houston's family is considering having the casket encased in cement. With the cement the family hopes to permanently prevent a grave robbing, and end the hired security.

Besides wearing a diamond brooch and earrings worth $500,000, Houston is also buried in a gold lined casket. The casket alone is estimated to be worth at least $16,000.

It wouldn't be hard for them to actually dig her casket up, the Daily Mail reports a source saying in February. But that won't stop psychotic fans or people who think it could make them money.

Some don't believe a grave robbing is an issue. The Christian Post reports sources stating that Houston being buried with such expensive jewelry is hysterical because the family is broke. The Houston's would be the first to be digging it up, joked Forbes magazine.

Houston was found dead in a bathtub at her Beverly Hills Hotel suite on February 11. Her cause of death was ruled an accidental drowning.