Houston police
A police officer stands next to an unattended vehicle in Houston, May 2, 2013. Investigations are underway in the altercation at a sports bar in Harris County that led to the death of a customer. Reuters/F. Carter Smith

A former middle school teacher in Texas is likely to end up in jail for 30 years for having sexual relations with a 13-year-old student for nearly a year, according to reports. Alexandria Vera pleaded guilty to aggravated sexual assault of a child as a part of a deal to avoid getting life imprisonment.

The 24-year-old taught English to eighth graders at Stovall Middle School in Houston when she met the student during summer classes in 2015. Following this, Vera and the teenager were reportedly involved in sexual relations for months. She was taken into police custody this June after Child Protection services received a tip-off about her and the student’s relationship. During the investigation, she told the authorities that the two “love each other,” according to court documents cited by KHOU, a CBS affiliate.

Vera also told the investigators that the boy introduced her to his parents as his girlfriend and that the family was supportive of their relationship. She also conceived from the underage student and reportedly told the authorities that the boy’s parents were “excited” after learning of her pregnancy.

The former teacher is now out on bail after posting $100,000 and has been ordered by court to wear a GPS monitor and keep a distance from minors. Vera was initially charged with continuous sexual assault of a child that could have sent her to jail for life. However, she pleaded to a lesser charge following which her likely sentence was reduced to 30 years, the Houston Chronicle reported.

Vera is also reportedly qualified for deferred adjudication where she will be put on probation and will not have conviction on her record if she completes the term successfully.

“We’re very much hoping for deferred adjudication,” defense attorney Ricardo Rodriguez reportedly said.

State District Judge Michael McSpadden is expected take over a pre-sentence investigation following which he will decide a suitable punishment at a hearing in January.