Christopher Robinson
Amanda Knox posted pictures of herself and her boyfriend, Christopher Robinson, on her newly-public Instagram. Instagram/Amanda Knox

After two years of social media privacy, Amanda Knox opened her Instagram account back up to the public Wednesday. Using the handle “amamaknox,” Knox shared photographs of herself, her boyfriend Christopher Robin and her cat.

Her Instagram biography describes her as an “exoneree” and “writer” and includes a link to her novelist boyfriend’s profile as well as a link to her personal website. In two posts Wednesday, Knox shared a photograph of a meal in Seattle and a video of her boyfriend and cat. In another picture on the account, Knox wore a Little Red Riding Hood costume and had a man in a wolf costume posed behind her. Many of the photographs also included Knox and Robinson’s travels together.

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The 29-year-old’s Instagram account has photographs dating back to 2015, the year she was cleared of murder charges against her. Knox spent four years in prison in Umbria, Italy, after being found guilty of the murder of her British roommate Meredith Kercher while the two lived together in Italy in 2007. The Seattle native was exonerated by the Italian Supreme Court in 2015.


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She has since gone on to release a Netflix documentary about the experience entitled “Amanda Knox,” and a memoir called “Waiting to Be Heard.” Her website biography boasts bylines in USA Today, the Seattle Times, Seattle Magazine, Broadly and the West Seattle Herald.

“She spent nearly four years in an Italian prison and eight years on trial for a murder she didn’t commit,” her website said. “The controversy over Amanda’s case made international headlines for nearly a decade and thrust her into the spotlight where she was vilified and shamed. Amanda has transformed that negative energy into advocacy. She now works to spread awareness of wrongful conviction issues and to inspire people towards empathy.”

Knox has also continued to update her website and blog, with the latest entry entitled “California Farewell” posted last week. Another post was entitled “How Prisons Use Cult Tactics to Brainwash Inmates Into Religion.”

Knox and then-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito were both convicted of Kercher’s murder before later being exonerated. A third man named Rudy Guede, however, entered the situation later in the trial. Guede testified that on the night of Kercher’s murder, they met up at her house. Guede said he went to the bathroom and when he returned, Kercher was dead in her bedroom. He said he didn’t know who murdered her, but his DNA was found inside her and at the crime scene.

Guede was subsequently convicted of Kercher’s murder and remained in an Italian prison where he was serving a 16-year sentence for her death. Following her exoneration, Knox spoke out about the ordeal in an op-ed piece for USA Today.

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“She was my roommate,” Knox wrote. “And I was accused of her murder by a prosecutor whose insane theories and disregard for evidence landed me in prison for four years. Italy’s highest court ultimately exonerated me, finding ‘stunning flaws’ in the investigation and an ‘absolute lack of biological traces’ connecting me to the crime.”


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