After years of their families being friends, “Counting On” star Justin Duggar confirmed his courtship with Claire Spivey on Monday.

In a video, the 17-year-old introduced his girlfriend to TLC viewers and revealed that he initially connected with Claire, 19, last year. The two grew close after attending a dinner with friends near Claire’s hometown in Texas.

“Claire and I are excited to share that we are in a courtship,” the reality star said.

Although he wasn’t necessarily looking for love, Justin revealed he is thankful for his relationship with Claire.

“God brought Claire in my life, and I wasn’t really expecting it, but he brought her along right when I needed her. Ever since then, I just knew that she was the one,” he explained.

“Claire has a lot of good qualities and I can sit here and tell you all of them, but there are so many good things in her that I see... I’m so blessed to have her in my life.”

So, just who is Claire Spivey? Like Justin, Claire comes from a large family. Claire is the oldest of six children while Justin is No. 14 in his family of 19. The two enjoy similar hobbies, including spending time outdoors, praying, reading the Bible, and snowboarding.

Justin and Claire are expected to share their courtship announcement on Tuesday's episode of “Counting On.” The installment will air at 9 p.m. EDT on TLC.

Pictured is the Duggar family in a promo shot for "Counting On." TLC