Kendral Caldwell
Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell are officially courting. TLC

There’s another woman joining the Duggar family. Joseph Duggar has announced that he’s officially in a courtship with Kendra Caldwell. While TLC’s cameras will be following the new couple on “Counting On,” get to know the latest Duggar girlfriend before the show returns this summer.

Who Is Kendra Caldwell?

Kendra is 18-years-old and is the oldest of seven children. Her father is a pastor, reports the Duggar Family Blog. Joseph and Kendra talked for six months before making their courtship official on Tuesday.

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How They Met

Joseph, 22, and Kendra met in church and bonded over their faith. “Our families are close friends through church, and this has allowed Kendra and me to get to know each other. She’s the best!” Joseph told Us Weekly. The two met while Joseph was attending church with his sister Joy-Anna Duggar’s fiancé Austin Forsyth’s family.

“Right when we started talking we really hit it off really well,” Joseph told TLC.

Engaged Already?

If you notice a ring on Kendra’s finger, don’t be alarmed. No, Joseph isn’t engaged to be married but he is serious about his relationship with Kendra. Joseph has revealed he gifted Kendra a promise ring when he asked her to court him.

“The promise ring signifies that I promise I’m going to wait for you for marriage," Joseph said in TLC video alongside Kendra. “It’s kind of a similar token to what my other siblings have done. I just thought it was something a little it different.”

What Do The Duggars Think?

The Duggars have expressed nothing but joy over Joseph and Kendra’s courtship. “Maybe some of the other guys will follow your lead now,” Jessa Seewald said in a video, commenting on the lack of male Duggar courtships in recent years.

“Counting On” returns with new episodes this summer on TLC.