He made a living and a small fortune off of a career as a Youtuber and relationship coach, but not Derrick Jaxn is having to answer some critics after confessing that he had an affair on his wife of four years.

News first broke of the alleged affair between Jaxn and a woman named Candice De Medeiros after she spilled to vlogger Tasha K. on March 20, revealing Jaxn had claimed to be separated from his wife when things happened in 2020. Among her other allegations, according to Black Enterprise, were a Miami getaway together in July which included expensive meals and money lavished on her, as well as time spent in the couple’s home in Atlanta, where she saw boxes in the home which led her to assume the story was true when his wife was really in Colorado visiting her family.

Jaxn then took to his Youtube Channel on Monday, alongside his wife Da’Naia, to confirm the affair was true. She then also spoke up in the video, admitting that she did leave when she first found out he had been unfaithful, but had returned and decided to stick by him when she noticed a shift in his behavior that signaled a change.

“When I found out about it, I left, I did not hesitate or waste time to do so, and I stayed gone, no matter how many times he came, I stayed gone and stood firm on ‘I am not coming back,’” she explained. “And I did not come back until I seen a shift and a change in his mentality and how he carried himself, and how he presented himself, and in conversations that we're able to have that he had never been able to have in just 12 years of knowing each other. And when we were able to have these dialogues, I said, ‘Okay, Lord, this is something you’ve had your hand on.’”

Since he confirmed the rumors, Jaxn has seen a wide arrange of reactions on social media, with home criticizing the confession video and stating he was likely emotionally abusing his wife, while others poked fun at the fact that he built a brand on being “one of the good guys” but he had been a hypocrite the entire time.

It’s not entirely clear how much money he has made from his platform, though the website Biography mask noted his Youtube channel could earn him between $8.4-$134.5k each year. His account has actively posted videos for 7 years, and currently boasts 745,000 subscribers. He is also active on Instagram as an influencer, where he has 1.3 million followers.

On his website, he also sells several books, including the titles “A Cheating Man’s Heart” and “Single Mothers Are for Grown Men Only!”, which retail from anywhere between $9.99 for a single copy to a bundle of books for $28.99 and a Mentally Stimulate Me series of card games which includes a complete set for $74.99.

The current featured product on the site is the book “Heal Together Without Hurting Each Other,” for $19.99.

It’s unclear how much his cheating confession could hurt his career, though he wouldn’t be the first Youtuber to be brought down by a scandal. David Dobrik, who is among the highest earners on the platform, has had to step back and lost money following allegations of sexual assault against a member of his “vlog squad.”

Derrick Jaxn
Derrick Jaxn is pictured during the 2020 Essence Magazine Wellness House event in Atlanta, Georgia on March 7, 2020.  Paras Griffin/Getty Images