Nicholas Cage Annulment
Actor Nicolas Cage attends the 2013 Variety Screening Series of 'The Croods' at ArcLight Cinemas on December 2, 2013 in Hollywood, California. Getty Images/Alberto E. Rodriguez

In as little as four days, Nicholas Cage has requested an annulment of his marriage to Erika Koike. Cage claims he reportedly didn’t know about the criminal history of his bride, or her relationship with another person, and wants the union annulled as a result. While the couple began dating in 2018, little is known about Koike and her background. Here’s everything we know about her and her relationship with Cage.

  1. Koike is a through to be a makeup artist as is listed on IMDb. She has one credit for her participation in the film “Hankikanto.”
  2. She is Cage’s fourth wife.
  3. She and Cage began their relationship in 2018.
  4. They were first seen together in April, eating lunch in Puerto Rico, the same place where the “National Treasure” actor was shooting the film “Primal.”
  5. The last time that Koike and Cage were seen together before their marriage was in May. The couple dined together in Beverly Hills, with Koike wearing a white top and metallic pants and Cage in a zebra print jacket and a black button-down shirt.
  6. Cage and Koike applied for their marriage license on March 23 in Clark County, Nevada, and received their marriage certificate March 27.
  7. The couple exchanged vows on March 23, the same day they applied for their marriage license.
  8. Also, on March 27, Cage filed for an annulment of their marriage, just four days after the couple exchanged their vows.
  9. At the time that the couple applied for their marriage license, video from the Daily Mail, shows Cage saying, “I’m not doing it.” Koike responded by saying that she “never asked” Cage to do it. As the couple leave, Cage can be heard saying, “Come on, let’s go.”
  10. Cage was also heard yelling, “She is going to take all my money” and “Her ex is a druggy, her ex is a druggy,” a source for the Daily Mail said.
  11. In the court documents requesting the annulment, Cage says the couple was drunk at the time they got married.
  12. Cage also claims the marriage was a fraud because Koike didn’t disclose the full extent of her criminal background or the relationship she has with someone else, TMZ reported.
  13. Cage also suggested that he and Koike had "such conflict in personalities and dispositions that are so deep as to render the two incompatible in marriage,” according to TMZ.
  14. If Cage is unable to get the marriage annulled, he has requested a divorce from Koike, The Blast reported.