Jeffree Star
Jeffree Star is pictured March 5, 2017, in Inglewood, California. Getty Images

“Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star Kim Kardashian West accepted an apology from controversial makeup artist Jeffree Star, but fans on social media were not pleased with the reality star. The drama unraveled when Star criticized KKW Beauty's new contour palettes on Twitter Monday. She defended him, but netizens were quick to point out Star has a history of being racist.

“Umm... Kim what is going on with those new swatches?? Looks like chalk,” he wrote. “I'll review the @kkwbeauty powder contour kits and see the real tea myself but them swatches were rough y'all!!!”

When Kardashian got wind of the critique, she took to social media to set her fans straight. “Guys, I see that my fans are totally hating on someone like Jeffree Star for being, you know honest about my struggle swatches,” she said through a laugh on Instagram. “But because of his remarks I'm learning from the best, like from Mario, how to swatch properly.”

She continued to have his back when fans reminded her of his racist past. “I see [my fans] being so petty bringing up things from his past where he, you know, was negative, but he's also apologized for those things. And I get that it's a serious deal if you say racial things but I do believe in people changing and people that apologize, I will give them the benefit of the doubt,” she said.

In the end, she respected Star’s opinion. “I welcome honest, you know, comments about my product and because of it I'm swatching better now,” Kardashian said. “So everyone get off his a--, and let’s not be so negative. We're all in this together, there's room for all of us. Love you, Jeffree!”

Star was pleased with Kardashian’s response. “I f---ing love @KimKardashian and was giving her shit earlier because I didn't like how she swatched her powders! Doesn't mean it's bad,” he tweeted. “I always give honest, real reviews once I try a product on my face. I never look at swatches and make a full review come on. I think it's important to let anyone grow and learn from any mistake, so stop making everything a circus and relax.”

While Star was pleased with Kardashian, many of her fans were not, saying it was not her place to accept the makeup artist’s apology. Some of their responses have been shared below:

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