Jill Hansen
Surfer Jill Hansen, 30, was arrested for attempted murder on Wednesday. Honolulu Police Department

Honolulu police arrested professional surfer Jill Anjuli Hansen, 30, Wednesday night after she allegedly drove a car into an elderly woman in Waikiki, Hawaii News Now wrote. Hansen was charged with attempted murder and is being held on $1 million bail.

On Wednesday the attractive blonde, who has a history of driving erratically, on Wednesday followed Elizabeth Conklin, 73, back to her condo after a bizarre road rage incident. Witnesses said Hansen waited for Conklin to get out of her car and then hit her, and then started driving in reverse to hit her again.

Hansen was prevented hitting Conklin again by Chris Khoy, a worker at the condo, who took a crowbar to the back of Hansen’s Volkswagen sedan. Hansen stopped the car and ran away from the scene, Khoy told police, according to the Daily Mail.

Conklin suffered bruises, cuts and a head injury. The victim remains hospitalized but is expected to recover from her injuries.

Hansen was arrested six hours later in the Manoa area after police tracked her down. But that wasn’t the pro surfer’s first run-in with the law. She's reportedly facing a pending assault case, and in another case, she was ordered to undergo a mental illness evaluation. Hansen's father also reportedly has a restraining order against her because she allegedly tried to hire someone from Facebook to kill him.

Hansen was described as an “attention wh*re” by The Dirty founder Nik Richie after the pro surfer threatened to kill herself on Facebook in 2011. A Dirty story claims Hansen deleted social media messages, but that she originally posted a photo of a pill bottle and said goodbye. She was apparently devastated because she wasn’t a celebrity surfer.

“People like Jill are pathetic, they live their whole lives based on how many ‘likes’ they get from people they don’t even know,” Richie wrote in 2011. “Attention wh*res never pull the trigger.”

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