A 29-year-old resembling the Joker character from superhero movies like "Batman" and "Suicide Squad" was arrested in Miami Tuesday after allegedly pointing a loaded gun at drivers passing an apartment complex. Lawrence Patrick Sullivan has his face tattooed that makes him look like a mix of Heath Ledger’s Joker character and also Jared Leto’s version from "Suicide Squad."

Police arrived outside the Hammocks Place Apartments in West Kendall after Sullivan was spotted in the area. He was arrested when authorities found him with a gun without a weapons permit. The firearm, a Smith & Wesson handgun with six rounds in the magazine, was taken into custody. 

Police wrote in his arrest affidavit that he told law enforcement: "I have a gun in my pocket" but "don’t have a permit ’cause it’s expensive."

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On Wednesday morning, Sullivan was charged with carrying a concealed firearm and was booked into the Turner Guilford Knight correctional center with a $5,000 bond. Sullivan’s arrest affidavit lists him as a “tattoo model.” According to police records, Sullivan has one prior conviction for cannabis possession.

Later Wednesday, Sullivan bonded out and was released from police custody, following which he gave an interview with NBC 6 talking about his arrest and a felony charge.

"The gun's in my name, it's not a dirty gun. Why they gonna charge me with a felony?" Sullivan said, showing no guilt for carrying a gun without a permit as he added: "F--- the permit. We live in America."

 While talking about his psych ward at the jail, Sullivan said: "I had my own cell. It was good, it wasn't bad," adding that he was treated like a celebrity while behind bars.

Meanwhile, his sister, who was not named, also spoke to NBC 6 about her brother's arrest: "I don't believe he was waving a gun around in traffic, he wouldn't do that. Yes he had a gun, but he wouldn't wave it around. ... He's a character, he's just playing a character. I warned him that people would take it the wrong way."

This is not the first incident where a man has disguised as Batman's archenemy. 

In March, police in Winchester, Virginia, charged a Joker lookalike for wearing a mask in public. Jeremy Putman, 31, was arrested after several witnesses saw him walking down a street with a sword. He was arrested and was later released on a $2,000 bail bond.

Last year, a creepy clown phenomenon had taken over the Southeast region of the United States later stretching up to the East coast and to places as far west as Arizona and Idaho before the Halloween when men dressed as clowns were spotted in several neighborhoods. Some of the incidents were so alarming that local schools were shut down after reports surfaced that the clowns tried to lure children into the woods.

The creepy trend first started Aug. 1, 2016, after a clown was spotted walking around with black balloons in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The clown sightings caused authorities to issue warnings in October 2016.