Donald Trump offered support to the embattled heir of the L.L. Bean empire Thursday after anti-Trump protesters called for a boycott of the retailer known for warm clothing. Trump tweeted: "Thank you to Linda Bean of L.L.Bean for your great support and courage. People will support you even more now. Buy L.L.Bean. @LBPerfectMaine."

The controversy started after a pro-Trump PAC linked to Bean, the granddaughter of founder Leon Leonwood Bean, reported donations to the federal government that may have helped Trump win votes in Maine. The donations were not reported last year, but were only included under an amended filing by Making Maine Great Again LLC that show Bean donated $30,000. Another $15,000 contribution came from Diana Bean, Linda Bean's sister. But the Federal Election Commission limits individual contributions to $5,000 in a single year, meaning the Bean family gave too much money toward Trump under federal law. The Associated Press revealed Linda Bean's contribution last week.

In all, Making Maine Great Again devoted $66,000 on signs and ads supporting Trump, who went on to win one of Maine's electoral votes. Democrat Hillary Clinton won the other three. Clinton won more voters overall than Trump, but he is slated to become president next week on Inaugutration Day after winning more Electoral College votes.

The L.L. Bean donations angered some consumers. Shannan Coulter, co-founder of the hashtag #GrabYourWallet, has urged Americans to boycott the company.

"The reality is that there are serious repercussions for a company's brand and bottom line when consumers learn it does business with the Trump family or helped to fund Donald's rise to political power," Coulter said.

More recently, Coulter said if Linda Bean is removed from the company's board, he will end his boycott. Coulter is also boycotting other companies that backed Trump in the election.

“Given L.L. Bean’s strong role as an employer in Maine, its support of many worthy causes, and its obvious desire to distance itself from this lone supporter of divisive candidates and causes, my position would be that the company’s removal of Linda from the board would be a strong enough sign that it, as a company, is truly committed to an inclusive and respectful society,” said Coulter in an email response to questions from the Press Herald. “If Linda’s removal from the board were to go forward, I would most likely remove L.L. Bean from the boycott list."

L.L. Bean Chairman Shawn Gorman said Linda Bean does not represent the company or its board. Donors linked to L.L. Bean donate have given to both Democratic and Republican candidates and causes in the past. 

Carolyn Beem, spokeswoman for L.L. Bean said, declined to comment. “We have spoken to our customers, which is what mattered most to us,” she told local reporters.

It's unclear how many people are adhering to the boycott. Grab Your Wallet counts about 30,000 Twitter followers and 7,700 followers on Facebook.