Model Liz Dickson is suing Playboy and comedian Kevin Klein after a stunt, for which she placed a golf tee between the cheeks of her buttocks, allegedly led to her being struck in the buttocks with a golf club. Reuters

A model is suing Playboy magazine and a radio show host after a stunt involving a golf tee allegedly caused her to suffer permanent injuries.

Liz Dickson, a former “Girl of Playboy Golf" winner, claims that she suffered serious injuries while attending Playboy’s golf tournament in 2012, TMZ reported. According to Dickson’s lawsuit, she was told to lie down on her stomach for a photo op with Kevin Klein, a comedian and radio host.

Dickson willingly posed “with her buttocks partially exposed” while a golf tee was placed between the cheeks of her buttocks, the lawsuit alleges. Next, a golf ball was balanced on the tee, and Klein was supposed to take a swing and drive the ball as if it were any other golf shot.

However, Klein allegedly botched the swing, striking Dickson in her buttocks with the golf club, CBS Los Angeles reported. The Playboy model claims to have suffered serious injuries due to Klein’s swing, some of which she says are permanent.

Dickson is suing Playboy and Klein for $500,000, and she's seeking punitive damages, citing battery and negligence, TMZ reported. In addition to pain, her lawsuit alleges that she suffered “worrying and anxiety” after the incident.

According to a 2011 Facebook post obtained by CBS Los Angeles, Dickson lives in Traverse City, Mich., where she works as a part-time model, and she never actually appeared in Playboy magazine.