Following the Duggar family’s trip to El Salvador in December, 18 year old Josiah Duggar came back with more than just a stamp on his passport: he came back with a crush. After previously meeting Marjorie Jackson, 17, at her parents' home during a Spanish lesson, the two reconnected during the family’s missionary trip overseas, People reports. Last month the pair confirmed to TLC's “19 Kids and Counting” viewers they’re officially courting.

So, just who is Marjorie Jackson? Here’s everything you need to know:

1. She’s comfortable on camera

It’s apparent that Marjorie, like her possible future in-laws, is more than comfortable living her life in front of the camera. She appeared energetic when announcing her courtship with Josiah in a video last month.

2. “19 Kids and Counting” cameo

While Marjorie has yet to be properly introduced on the family’s hit TLC reality series, she has made at least one cameo on the show. In Jill (Duggar) Dillard's delivery special, which aired on Tuesday, Marjorie could be seen in attendance at Jill's husband Derick’s birthday celebration.

3. She’s musical

Like the Duggars, it appears Marjorie also enjoys playing musical intruments. The Duggars recently posted a video of Marjorie playing the piano and signing alongside Josiah on their family YouTube account.

4. Momentous day

On April 6, the Duggars not only welcomed Jill and Derick’s baby Israel David into their family, they also welcomed Marjorie! The “19 Kids and Counting” newcomer made her courtship with Josiah official on the very same day Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar greeted their fourth grandchild.

5. She’s local 

Luckily for Josiah, Marjorie lives just 10 miles away from his family’s Arkansas home. Josiah revealed his newfound courting partner’s location when discussing his thoughts on courtship with his 27-year-old brother Josh in a video. Josh, and Josiah’s sister Jill, were not so lucky in their courtships. Josh’s now wife Anna lived in Florida prior to their marriage. Jill’s now husband Derick was stationed in Nepal during the early stages of their romance.  

6. She’s a smart cookie

Not only is Marjorie bilingual in English and Spanish, she is also reportedly on track to attend college once she graduates from high school. People reports she also already started her upper education, taking "college-level" graphic design classes. 

7. In it for the long haul?

While nothing is set in stone for Josiah and Marjorie just yet, it appears at least one member of the Duggar clan thinks the couple will make it to the altar. When asked to give the new couple some advice in a recent interview, Derick had this to say to the pair: “This could be you this time next year," he said while looking at his son, Israel, and wife of 11 months, Jill. "Give it some time, but it's coming up!"

8. Not-so-big family

If Marjorie thought she came from a big family, she may want to think again! Despite being the oldest of five girls in the Jackson clan, Josiah’s 18 siblings wins out.