highway 90
A Suwannee County Sheriff blocks vehicles on Highway 90 from entering due to flooding and sinkholes in Live Oak, Florida, June 26, 2012. REUTERS/Phil Sears

An SUV fatally struck an environmental activist who was walking across the U.S. barefoot in Florida on Saturday, authorities said. Mark Baumer, who was hit along Highway 90 in Walton County, had not planned on being in Florida but he took a bus there after it started to snow in Ohio, according to the Tallahassee Democrat.

Before his barefoot journey, Baumer, 33, worked as a web content specialist at a library in Providence, Rhode Island. He was more than 100 days into his protest against climate change when he died, according to the Daily Mail.

Baumer was also raising money for the FANG Collective, a group that works to fight off the natural gas industry. The FANG Collective released a statement following Baumer's death over the weekend.

"Mark was an amazingly compassionate, empathic, humble, joyful, generous, mindful and caring person," the group wrote. "He was a talented poet and artist with an ability to tap into the human experience with his work."

During Baumer's fateful journey, the Rhode Island native relied on a Bivy sack, which included a waterproof and lightweight shelter. He also made sure to walk on the grass or the shoulder of a road as often as he could, according to reports.

“Climate change is humanity's greatest threat. Every day corporations continue to profit from earth's destruction. I decided cross America barefoot to see if I could save earth. I know this is a lofty goal, but I hope through my walk I can raise awareness about climate change," Baumer wrote on his fundraising YouCaring page.

However, this wasn’t Baumer’s first time spreading climate change awareness. In 2010, he walked across the United States in 81 days, but with shoes.

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The 2011 Brown University graduate, hoped to raise $10,000 during his walking trip, but after news of his death surfaced, donations have reached to $15,916 by Monday afternoon.

Charges are currently pending against the driver, Sonja Siglar, who was responsible for Saturday’s incident. Alcohol was ruled out as a factor in the crash, ABC affiliate WEAR-TV reported.