Michael D. Cohen has been in and out of the media spotlight, most recently during a trial for criminal charges that stem from alleged misconduct as Trump’s longtime personal lawyer. Now, facing three years in prison, the Cohen family comes to mind as one wonders who the woman behind Cohen really is. Here’s everything we know about Laura Shusterman Cohen to get you up to speed.

  1. Shusterman has been married to Cohen for more than 20 years. They married in 1994.
  2. The pair has two children together. Their daughter is named Samantha, and their son is named Jake. Jake will be graduating from the University of Miami in 2022 and Samantha is attending the University of Pennsylvania
  3. She is originally from the Ukraine, Newsweek reported. She arrived with her family in the U.S. in 1975.
  4. They live in Trump Park Avenue.
  5. Shusterman and her daughter have been subjected to sexual harassment, insults, and threats since the investigation began into her husband, according to a 2017 Senate statement from Cohen.
  6. Shusterman, along with her husband, amassed their fortune from New York City taxicab medallions. Now, they owe money to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) in unpaid taxes, according to New York Daily News.
  7. Shusterman’s parents, Ania and Fima, joined her and her husband on some of their tax businesses. The family also co-owns property together in Trump Tower.
  8. Shusterman’s father, Fima, actually introduced her husband to Trump.
Laura Shusterman
Laura Shusterman is the Ukrainian wife behind Michael Cohen. US President Donald Trumps former attorney Michael Cohen arrives with wife Laura Shusterman at US Federal Court in New York on December 12, 2018, where he is expected to be sentenced after pleading guilty to a number of charges. - The hour of judgment has come for Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump's former personal lawyer, who will learn Wednesday if cooperating with authorities conducting the Russia probe will spare him a long prison term.Cohen, 52, is one of several members of Trump's team who have run afoul of the law but the only one to belong to Trump's inner circle. Getty Images/COREY SIPKIN