Nina Turner
U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders hugs former Ohio State Sen. Nina Turner at a campaign "Community Conversation" at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, in New York, New York on April 9, 2016. Reuters

A rumor that Nina Turner was ejected from the 2016 Democratic National Convention Tuesday has Bernie Sanders supporters riled up. So much for party unity!

One of the main goals of the DNC has been to heal the rift in the party caused by the contentious primary fight between Hillary Clinton and Sen. Sanders — Tuesday's roll call vote to formally nominate Clinton was largely seen as a concession to Sanders delegates to give them a voice in the Clinton-dominated convention. In the spirit of party unity, the Democratic Party probably wanted to avoid doing something like ejecting one of Sanders' most popular surrogates. Yet that's what many on social media alleged happened Tuesday.

Just before former president Bill Clinton took the convention stage Tuesday night, rumors began swirling on social media that the DNC had ejected former Ohio state senator Nina Turner, one of the most visible surrogates of the Bernie Sanders campaign during the primary race, from the convention and revoked her credentials. Social media users discussing the supposed ejection speculated the party had acted in retaliation of Turner's criticism of the party's electoral process.

The only problem with those allegations is that they do not appear to be true. Two sources close to Turner tweeted individually that they had received confirmation from Turner herself refuting the rumors, including former NAACP head Ben Jealous and journalist Shaun King, a public supporter of Sanders.

King echoed Jealous' claims that the rumors of Turner being ejected or having her credentials stripped were false. However, he did hint that Turner had been mistreated in some way by the DNC, though he did not specify. He predicted she would address the situation herself Wednesday.

Turner has not yet addressed the controversy, but she did retweet King's original tweet, which included the vague allegations of mistreatment.

The controversy comes the same day as a walk out of dozens of pro-Sanders protesters and Sanders delegates after Clinton was officially named as the party’s nominee. The group was apparently aggravated that they were not allowed more access to the convention floor.