Ever wished you looked like Beyoncé? Well, for Rachael White of Nottingham, England, channeling her inner and outer Queen Bey is an everyday occurrence. But it appears that bearing a striking resemblance to the beloved pop star isn’t all it’s cracked out to be. In addition to looking amazingly like Beyoncé, White also has to take a cut of her struggles -- like getting hounded by paparazzi who confuse her for Blue Ivy’s mama.

For example, White made headlines when TMZ reported the story of a Beyoncé doppelganger going topless on a beach, which you can see here. It showed a censored picture of Bey’s lookalike sporting a yellow string bikini bottom and well -- nothing else. The catch is that the image in question is from 2011.

Who exactly is this woman that has the public so crazy in love? Well, as it turns out, White is actually a bit famous herself. The self-employed hair stylist (who recently left her position as account manager at Great Lengths to pursue a new challenge) was featured on Season 11 of “Big Brother U.K.,” where she made a name for herself as a mirror-obsessed egomaniac. Because of her narcissism White was the first housemate to be evicted from the home with a 37.5 percent public vote, lasting only nine days.

After getting booted from the “Big Brother” house, White then went on to pose topless for the British lad magazine Nuts for its July 2010 pictorial. But that wasn’t the last time White was seen showing off her flawless figure. In a shoot that resembled Jennifer Anniston’s 1996 Rolling Stone cover -- with a Christmas spin -- White appeared wearing only a Santa hat and white, sheer stocking while posing for Simplypout.

Do you think White is Beyoncé’s doppelganger? Sound off in the comments section below whether or not you think the former “Big Brother” contestant looks the American performer.