A teenager from Washington state has become the seventh "faithless elector" to protest Donald Trump's election as president of the United States. Levi Guerra, 19, said she will join the ranks of the so-called “Hamilton electors.”

Guerra is one of the 12 electors in Washington state who have been mandated to vote for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, on Dec. 19, as part of the Electoral College. The group believes that it is the responsibility of the 538 electors who make up the nation's Electoral College to stop an unfit person from becoming president. 

“I stand behind Hamilton electors,” Guerra said, in a statement to the Guardian Wednesday. “I promised those who elected me that I would do everything I could to keep Donald Trump out of office.”

In the presidential election, Clinton won Washington state by 53 percent votes to Trump’s 37 percent. According to the Guardian, Guerra will cast what is in effect a protest vote directed at Trump, rather than following the Electoral College norm of voting for Clinton.

“I’m only 19 and this is my first time being involved in politics, but I hope that my willingness to put my country before my party will show that my generation cares about all Americans,” Guerra reportedly said.

Guerra becomes the third Electoral College member in Washington state to come out and proclaim they will break ranks with Clinton as part of a protest directed at Trump. They call themselves “Hamilton electors.”

"Together, we can stop Trump when the Electoral College votes on December 19th. Electors are pledging to put America first and vote for a responsible Republican alternative who can unify our country," the group wrote on its website.

Under the Electoral College system, U.S. presidents are not chosen directly by individual citizens but are voted into office by the 538 Electoral College electors who are selected by each state.

Clinton is currently 1,322,095 votes ahead of Trump on the popular vote, but lost the election by 306 to 232 Electoral College votes, pending the outcome of the Dec. 19 vote.