Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle is spending Christmas with Prince Harry and the royal family. Here, she is pictured arriving at the Terrance Higgins Trust World AIDS day charity fair in Nottingham, England, on Dec. 1, 2017. Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

The world is getting to know Meghan Markle more and more these days now that she is set to become Prince Harry's wife in May 2018. However, they may learn some things they didn't expect thanks to her half-sister, Samantha, who is writing a memoir that some believe is going to slam the future royal.

Samantha Markle (also known as Samantha Grant) is the former "Suits" actress' half-sister, who was from her father Thomas' first marriage to a woman named Roslyn, is currently working on writing a memoir titled "The Diary of Princess Pushy's Sister." According to The Sun, she had previously indicated that she and Meghan hadn't spoken in years and had a rift of some sort, making disparaging comments where she claimed that the actress was a "social climber" who had a "soft spot for gingers." She also allegedly claimed in the past that the estrangement between them began when she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2008 and became wheelchair bound.

However, in October of this year, during an appearance on "Good Morning Britain," she seemed to dismiss stories that there had been a rift between them, and said that her upcoming book is not in fact a tell-all about the future Duchess.

"Well, it is true that I'm writing a book and the title is accurate, what is not true (is) this unbelievable swell that's been created that it's some sort of slamming 'tell-all,'" she said at the time (via Vanity Fair). "First of all it's only a tell-all in that I go through and recant some of the beautiful nuances of our lives, our family home. But more importantly it has to do with the inter-racial revolution of this country through the lens of my life and my family since the Civil Rights Act until present and how that intersects with this recent event with my sister, you know, my feelings about it, my family's feelings about it and how sad it was going through it all. But it's more of a beautiful, warm, witty story of our lives and my life."

She also shunned the title of "half-sister" at the time, stating that she didn't think people could just be half-siblings, according to The Sun.

"She's lovely. She's very animated, very charming, very lively and no matter what I don't believe that you can be a half-sister," she said. "Either your sisters or you're not. In my heart and in reality, she's my sister and she's absolutely lovely. So let me get rid of any misperception about that whatsoever."

Since news broke of Meghan's engagement to Prince Harry, Samantha has been actively refuting reports from other members of her family on social media, mostly criticizing a pair of Daily Mail articles from November which quoted her brother, Tom Markel Jr., who claimed that their father's winning the lottery helped pave the way to Meghan's success, and her mother, Roslyn Markle, who commented on the engagement news and claimed she was excited for the 36-year-old, who was born after Tom Sr. married her mother, Doria Radland.

In a series of tweets, she called out the publication for quoting Roslyn, calling her mother a "barfly and loser," as well as her brother, whom she referred to as a "lying thief."

It's unclear when the book is expected to be released.