Actress Tricia Lynn McCauley — known for starring in films such as 2006’s “Step Up” — has been killed.

According to TMZ, McCauley’s family grew concerned after she failed to show up to dinner at a friends house on Christmas Day. She then missed her flight out of Washington, D.C., at which time those close to her knew something wasn’t right. McCauley’s body was found inside her car later that same day.

Authorities believe she may have been the victim of a carjacking, TMZ reports. They have a suspect in mind who is said to have been seen driving the victim’s car around D.C. He is also thought to have robbed a drug store, attacking several employees. McCauley’s killer reportedly did not know her prior to his crime.

News of McCauley’s passing was confirmed on Facebook by her brother Brian McCauley, who started a group on the social media site in the hopes of reaching more people who may have knowledge of her whereabouts. In one final post he announced that his sister was “gone,” telling those following the story that authorities had identified her body.

“Tricia is gone, they found her body,” Brian wrote. “No more details from the police at the moment, just that they found her body.”

Tricia was known largely for her role in “Step Up,” but had several others during her career. According to her resumè, she appears in a number of film and television projects including “Dead Giveaway,” “Never Dream: The Beginning…” and more. She also starred in commercials and plays. When she wasn’t acting, Tricia reportedly enjoyed practicing and teaching yoga.

The man suspected of killing her is said to be in custody. His name has yet to be released.