Joe Biden walks in the annual Allegheny County Labor Day Parade on Sept. 7, 2015 in Pittsburgh. Getty Images

President Donald Trump hasn't yet completed his first 100 days, but some voters are already looking ahead to the next general election. And if Trump decides to run in 2020, he may face some stiff competition.

A Public Policy Polling survey released Thursday showed him losing in hypothetical matchups against several high-profile Democrats. If former Vice President Joe Biden, for example, were to run against Trump, he could beat the tycoon by 14 points. If Trump went up against Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., 52 percent of respondents said they'd #feelthebern. Only 41 percent said they'd back Trump.

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The poll results — which included data from 677 voters taken Monday and Tuesday — also indicated respondents would rather elect Democratic Senators Elizabeth Warren, Al Franken and Cory Booker than re-elect Trump.

Though the U.S. is still far out from the 2020 election, Trump may be getting prepared. On Inauguration Day Jan. 20, Trump qualified for candidacy in a letter to the Federal Election Commission, the Washington Post reported. However, it read, in part, "This does not constitute a formal announcement of my candidacy for the 2020 election."

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Democrats have been similarly vague on the 2020 subject. Biden, for example, told reporters in December that he wanted to run in 2020 because "what the hell, man" before clarifying that "I'm not committing to anything." In January, he said, "I have no intention of running for president, but I do have the intention to stay deeply involved in everything I’ve done my whole life."

The Democratic Party may not end up nominating any of its aforementioned leaders in four years. A USA Today/Suffolk University poll from December found that two-thirds of Democrat and independent voters said they wanted "someone entirely new" to run for president.