“Dancing With the Stars” Season 27 is less than two weeks away. And before fans know it, they will be consistently rooting for specific teams and hoping they win the Mirrorball Trophy. However, some teams may still have an advantage when it comes to the talent they could showcase during the season.

Though there has so far not been any outrage over the cast in terms of those who may have an unfair advantage, some of the teams may still have a higher shot at winning the competition. Whether they have prior experience with dance, music, or working hard, it would seem likely that these select teams could potentially make it far in the competition.

Here are the five teams that seem most likely to have a chance at the Mirrorball:

Juan Pablo di Pace and Cheryl Burke:

DWTS27 Juan Pablo Cheryl Juan Pablo di Pace and Cheryl Burke could have an advantage over their competition on Season 27 "Dancing With the Stars."

The “Fuller House” actor could have a big advantage going into the competition, with a career that has spanned acting and singing. He has also showcased that he can certainly move his hips on the Netflix show most fans will recognize him from these days. In addition, he’s partnered with Cheryl, who was the first consecutive season champion in the show’s history, winning Season 2 with Drew Lachey and Season 3 with Emmitt Smith. Her lack of presence in the finals since then could make fans eager to see her win again, which will help them further when it comes to the popular vote.

Milo Manheim and Witney Carson

DWTS27 Milo Witney Disney star Milo Manheim has a good chance at winning Season 27 of "Dancing With the Stars."

Manheim is an actor best known for his starring role on the Disney film “Zombies,” which means he has something key on his side—previous experience singing and dancing. Already having some moves and knowing how to commit to a routine will be a huge advantage over some of his competitors, and having Witney, a previous champion, by his side will only help him continue to grow.

Mary Lou Retton and Sasha Farber

DWTS27 Mary Lou Sasha Mary Lou Retton shouldn't be counted out when it comes to Mirrorball contenders on Season 27 of "Dancing With the Stars."

Age is just a number, something Retton, 50, could prove as she works to win this season. Though there are certainly much younger skewed teams in this season’s cast, there’s a reason she’s considered one of the most decorated athletes of all time. She won five medals in the 1984 Olympics, including a Gold all-around, as well as two silver and two bronze for team and individual events. If her determination and work ethic hadn’t changed since then, she could easily prove to be a threat to her fellow competitors. In addition, Sasha is one of the few pros left who has yet to win a Mirrorball either, which could also be a benefit for the pair, since pros who have yet to win have been pulling focus in recent seasons. He has also had previous success with former Olympians, making it to the semi-finals in Season 24 with Simone Biles, and the finals in Season 26 with Tonya Harding. 

Tinashe and Brandon Armstrong

DWTS27 Tinashe Brandon Tinashe could give first time "DWTS" pro Brandon Armstrong a Mirrorball win in his first outing.

Though fans of the show aren't familiar with Brandon's choreography and teaching style just yet since this is his first season as a pro, he could still pull off a win. Tinashe is potentially the perfect partner, with a massive fan base who could help push them to the front of the pack. In addition, as a musician, musicality is something that could work to her benefit as well when it comes to quickly picking up the steps and learning her routines.

DeMarcus Ware and Lindsay Arnold

DWTS27 DeMarcus Lindsay DeMarcus Ware and Lindsay Arnold could have a chance at the Mirrorball on Season 27 of "Dancing With the Stars."

Fans of the show shouldn’t count out DeMarcus and Lindsay. Not only is she a recent pro with a big following, DeMarcus is also someone who could be a fan favorite since football players have traditionally done well in the competition. With not only a big fan following, but likely impressive footwork, he could be one to watch.

“Dancing With the Stars” Season 27 premieres Monday, Sept. 24 at 8 p.m. EDT on CBS.