Princess Diana passed away following a fatal car crash in Paris over two decades ago.

On the online forum site Quora, royal fans are wondering why the ambulance that transported her from the crash site took so long to rescue her. Royal fans are also curious why it took the ambulance so long to arrive at the hospital considering that it was Princess Diana the vehicle.

Deanna Eppers, who favors the monarchy, said that the ambulance driving the late Princess of Wales to the hospital in Paris had to follow protocol in France. This means that they had to stabilize the patient first before driving to the hospital.

“Since Diana was slammed into a concrete pillar at 85 mph, and she was not wearing her seat belt, she slammed into the two front seats, which is what stopped her body but not in a controlled manner that a seat belt would have likely provided,” she said.

Eppers also said that it took little effort to get the mom of two out of the car even though the vehicle was smashed on the top, the sides, and the front. Princess Diana was also conscious initially thought she was also somewhat agitated that’s why the on-site physician intervened.

Dave Marron, who works at the DSA, said that the French system was the one that was at the scene, which is different from the current system in the United Kingdom.

“Most ambulance services used to be ‘scoop and shoot’ where the ambulance started simply as a wagon or hand cart to take a victim to the hospital. Later, ambulances became motorized vans but no more and evolved to do simple first aid,” he said.

Christopher McDonald said that Princess Diana’s death was the most scrutinized vehicle accident in French history. This is the reason why the deck was stacked against the paramedics and physicians from the beginning.

He also said that since Princess Diana suffered a second heart attack while inside the ambulance, it took them longer to arrive at the hospital.