Molly Tarlov
“Awkward” star Molly Tarlov, pictured at the 2017 MTV Movie and TV Awards in Los Angeles on May 7, 2017, admits that she’s mad about the new show’s format. Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Los Angeles- For the first time ever, MTV is also honoring TV shows with awards, adding them to their annual springtime Movie Awards show. However, not everyone is overly thrilled with the new MTV Movie and TV Awards.

While walking the red carpet at the May 7 show, “Awkward” star Molly Tarlov told International Business Times that she was “mad” about the change this year because it came too late for her former show to be honored.

“I’m really mad. Very, very mad!” She told IBT. “Because I feel like I would have an MTV Award on my mantle for Best Villain!”

However, though Tarlov was joking that she felt gipped out of an award, she did admit that the change in the show’s format was an exciting one that would be great for other TV actors and shows that deserve recognition as well.

“It’s exciting for the next generation of TV,” she admitted. “But I feel like Sadie Saxton would have taken home an award.”

Tarlov portrayed Sadie, a mean cheerleader who made it her goal to find new ways to continually torture her nemesis, Jenna Hamilton (Ashley Rickards on the show from 2011-2016, when it aired its fifth and, at least for now, final season. Though MTV had announced when the show was renewed for the fifth season that it would be the last, it wasn’t officially canceled by the network. The May 2016 finale was also fairly open-ended, where the character’s stories could continue going, something Showrunners and Executive Producers Mike Chessler and Chris Alberghini addressed in an interview at the time. Speaking to TV Line, Alberghini teased that MTV could always consider bringing the show back again for a sixth season if they felt that there was still more to tell regarding the character’s stories.

“We as the showrunners certainly believe there are plenty more stories left to tell, and we’re excited about the potential to do so,” he said at the time. “But we don’t control the fate of the show, It’s just a matter of MTV deciding what fits into their schedule next year and how many shows they’re going to have. We’re certainly interested, and most of the cast is interested.”

Tarlov now admits she would love to see her fellow cast members on set again, telling IBT that if a renewal or revival was offered, she and everyone else involved with the show would jump at the chance to work together again and revisit the world of Palos Hills.

“Yeah, definitely, I would love to,” she said. “I love the cast, and I love the characters... and everyone would be happy to do that.”

Tarlov’s sentiment was seconded by her former co-star, Jillian Rose Reed, who portrayed Tamara Kaplan on the show, who also told IBT at the show that she’d love to get involved with a reunion as well, and teased that the possibility of one was never off the table.

“I mean, who knows?” She said. “Never say never.”