Prince William is balding just like his younger brother Prince Harry, but he’s not getting a hair transplant.

Prince Charles’ two sons have been experiencing rapid hair loss, though Prince William's is more advanced. And some royal fans have wondered why the Duke of Cambridge is not taking any action to address this.

In this online forum, netizens shared their thoughts about Prince William's hair loss and the possibility of him getting a hair transplant. Many of them think that Kate Middleton’s husband is just doing the right thing and their reasoning involved the media.

Gill Bullen, a citizen from the UK, said that anything in the plastic surgery department is “fundamentally fake” and that is why Prince William is not getting a hair transplant. Also, the media will surely make a big deal out of it.

“People like Prince William, who have been in the public eye since childhood, tend to be fully aware that any such procedures would be instantly seized on by the press and the paparazzi, with innumerable ‘before and after’ shots to prove the point, and the last thing he wants is additional attention from the world’s press,” Bullen wrote.

“Were he to get a transplant the press would immediately seize upon it and demand answers on whether public funds had paid for it and make sport of his perceived vanity for having undergone the procedure,” Todd Bartholomew agreed. “Then they would speculate on whether or not it had been successful and how long it would last.”

Bartholomew added that the future king is a very visible member of the royal family, and there’s nothing wrong with being bald. Middleton’s husband is still "very handsome," according to the netizen.

Other royal fans believe that Prince William didn’t get a hair transplant because he is not vain and his hair loss is not a big issue to him. If the second-in-line to the throne really wanted to get it, he can afford to do so, but getting back his thick locks isn’t one of his priorities.

What matters is the Duke of Cambridge’s personality. Prince William is intelligent, has a high-minded character and has a strong sense of duty.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry is experiencing the same rapid hair loss. In fact, his hair loss has reportedly doubled after marrying Meghan Markle. Just like Prince William, the Duke of Sussex opted to not do anything about his thinning hair.

Prince William Netizens speculate why Prince William doesn’t get a hair transplant despite rapid hair loss. Pictured: Prince William meet local people during a royal visit on March 6, 2019 in Blackpool, England. Photo: Getty Images/Charlotte Graham