Ben Carson's questionable claims have now sparked a viral hashtag, #BenCarsonsWikipedia, which Twitter attach to their jokes about the Republican presidential candidate. Reuters

While on campaign trail, Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson has made some questionable remarks that have some voters asking whether he may need to sign up for remedial classes in history and science. Most recently, the retired neurosurgeon defended his own lack of experience in Washington in a Facebook post Thursday, arguing that the signers of the Declaration of Independence had no political experience either (they did).

Just one day earlier, a 1998 video surfaced that shows Carson claiming that Joseph, an Old Testament figure, built the Egyptian pyramids to store grain. [Evidence points to the structures serving as tombs.]

Both of these remarks made their way around social media and have now sparked a viral hashtag #BenCarsonWikipedia, which Twitter users attach to tweets mocking Carson, and joking about what false, outrageous claims the Republican might make next.

Here are some of the many "BenCarsonWikipedia" jokes: