Fiona Gubelmann plays sugary-sweet characters in her Hallmark movies, but her now-series regular role on ABC’s “The Good Doctor” is quite a bit different.

The 38-year-old actress starred in Hallmark’s “Royally Ever After” in May, and was in the network’s Christmas movie, “Christmas Next Door,” before that. Between those two movies, she played the insensitive, unlikable Dr. Morgan Reznick in the first season of ABC’s medical drama.

Is it easy for Gubelmann to go from playing a sweetheart to playing someone coldhearted? “Oh God, no,” she told International Business Times.

“Morgan is definitely the most complex character I’ve ever played, and even though there’s aspects of me in her, she’s definitely a character that I have to work very hard to play and think a lot about,” the star continued to IBT.

Fiona Gubelmann stars on ABC’s “The Good Doctor” and also starred in Hallmark’s “Royally Ever After.”

She explained that portraying her recent Hallmark characters allowed her to really play up certain parts of her own personality. She was able to “have fun and be silly,” but her “Good Doctor” role is much different.

“That’s a pretty challenging part and I work very hard on that,” Gubelmann said. “It’s very therapeutic to play Sara in ‘Royally Ever After’ because I was like, ‘Okay, I get to do all the silly, quirky things that I don’t get to do on ‘Good Doctor.’”

Gubelmann joined the ABC series in the second half of Season 1 as a recurring character, but she’s been promoted to series regular status for the show’s upcoming sophomore season. Filming for these new episodes was set to begin Wednesday, June 27, according to the actress.

Though she’s not sure exactly what’s to come for her character, Gubelmann’s excited to continue portraying this interesting doctor and to hopefully learn more about her. It’s a difficult role, but it’s one that she loves.

“Every time I get a script, I get so excited because they just throw more at me and different challenges,” she said. “I mean, every time, I’m like, ‘Ooh, what am I going to do here? What am I gonna do there?’”

When it comes down to it, she has “so much faith in the writers” to create unique storylines and to develop her character in a compelling way. “I’m excited and hopefully I get to work on it for a very long time,” Gubelmann said. “That’s what I hope for.”

“The Good Doctor” Season 2 is expected to premiere this fall.