Adam Scott as Max, Craig Robison as Leroy
Fox won’t air an episode of “Ghosted” tonight. The supernatural comedy, which stars Adam Scott and Craig Robinson, will return for new episodes in January 2018. Fox/Mike Yarish

Max, Leroy and the Bureau Underground won’t be working on a new paranormal case this week as Fox’s “Ghosted” is already on its winter hiatus.

Instead of airing an episode of “Ghosted” tonight, the network will air all-new back-to-back episodes of “Bob’s Burgers” starting at 8:30 p.m. EST.

According to TVLine, “Ghosted” will return from its holiday break on Sunday, Jan. 7, 2018 at 8:30 p.m. EST.

Synopsis and trailer for the next episode (Season 1, episode 9) haven’t been released yet. But in last week’s Season 1 episode 8, Max (Adam Scott) and Leroy (Craig Robinson) were tasked to find out the truth about a viral video that shows a young girl being mysteriously pulled out from a haunted hayride.

To determine if the incident in the video was a paranormal act or just a publicity stunt, Max and Leroy went undercover as haunted hayride actors. While the duo discovered that the hayride workers were actually staging accidents for publicity and monetary gain, the partners also found out that there’s really a paranormal activity going on in the property where the hayride was taking place.

With the help of Barry (Adeel Akhtar) and Annie (Amber Stevens West) from the headquarters of Bureau Underground, Max and Leroy learned that the property was owned by Byron King, a lower member of the British nobility who was killed in the woods. The partners soon realized that Byron was haunting the living because his corpse was defiled. When Max and Leroy put his remains back to his grave, Byron’s ghost vanished and the mystery surrounding the hayride was solved.

As reported late last month, “Ghosted,” which received an initial 10-episode order for its debut season, scored six more episodes from Fox, bringing its Season 1 total to 16 episodes. According to Entertainment Weekly, “Ghosted’s” initial order will run into January. After which, the show will go on another hiatus before returning in the spring.

Also, “The Office” executive producer and showrunner Paul Lieberstein was tapped to exec produce the back six episodes and replace Kevin Etten as showrunner. Etten, who also executive produced and co-created the series with Tom Gormican, is exiting the project. Sources told Deadline that hiring Lieberstein was part of the network’s plan to change the tone of the show and make it more of a workplace comedy.