Kynseed Tree
Kynseed is set in a colorful world with magical creatures PixelCount


  • "Kynseed" is a life simulator similar to "Harvest Moon" or "Stardew Valley"
  • The game features simulation-like crafting minigames for smithing, cooking and potion brewing
  • "Kynseed" uses the active battle system seen in many JRPGs

There are few games that can pull off the cozy, slow-life vibe that "Stardew Valley" made popular to a wider audience back in 2016, and "Kynseed" is one such title.

Made by PixelCount Studios and launched into early access in 2018, "Kynseed" is a life simulator-style game set in a colorful world full of magical creatures. Granted, "Stardew Valley" also had its fair share of creatures, but this new game doubled down on the fantasy element as PixelCount is comprised of developers who worked on the original "Fable" game.

Players take on the role of ordinary citizens with the freedom to pick from several professions in order to contribute to their town. Become a farmer, storeowner, chef, blacksmith, apothecary or adventurer who dares brave the dangerous wilds and precarious ruins in the world beyond the town's safe zone in true sandbox RPG fashion.

"Kynseed" also allows players to form their own in-game family. Develop relationships, marry a local townsman or woman and raise children who'll eventually manage family-owned businesses. When the main character dies of old age, players will get to control their kids and continue the game from their perspective.

Kynseed Cooking
Kynseed has simulation-style crafting mechanics when it comes to cooking PixelCount

The official Steam page describes "Kynseed's" setting as a "dark faery tale world," which is reflected in the colorful but dangerous monsters that roam the country. These enemies are fought using an active time battle system similar to some "Final Fantasy" games.

Players and enemies don't necessarily take turns hitting each other, but attacks are dictated by a Stamina stat. Attack frequency is then dictated by how quickly Stamina is regenerated.

Outside of fighting, "Kynseed" features simulation-like minigames where players get to chop the food they cook, mix the potions they brew and hand-forge the weapons they make, all of which contribute to the game's overall immersion levels.

Lastly, the world is full of points of interest like ruins and dungeons that can be explored to find hints at the many secrets the world has to offer. The townspeople themselves also have requests that players can take so they can learn more about their stories and earn extra rewards on the side.

"Kynseed" leaves Steam Early Access on Dec. 6.

Kynseed Combat
Kynseed uses an active battle system as its main combat mechanic PixelCount