Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle wears black attire more frequently during public engagements these days. Pictured: Markle opens 'Oceania' at Royal Academy of Arts on September 25, 2018 in London, England. Getty Images/Arthur Edwards -WPA Pool

Meghan Markle has recently worn black during her royal engagements, and there’s a reason why she changed up the color of her attire.

In the past, Markle was seen wearing pastel hues during official tours. But Karen Heller, UK’s leading applied color psychology specialist, told the Daily Mail that Markle has decided to wear black more often so she won’t take away from the people she meets in public.

“Looking at the occasions when the Duchess of Sussex is wearing black, this would suggest to me from a color psychology perspective she is OK with not being in the limelight, not wanting to have the focus on her. Black has the ability to have the wearer almost disappear and not be noticed. This looks to be her way of deflecting attending off herself and onto the causes she is supporting – putting them in the spotlight and center stage,” she said.

Rochelle White, a celebrity stylist, also commented on the Duchess of Sussex’s recent styles and said that it is simple but classy at the same time.

“Meghan knows that everyone is paying close attention to her and everything that she wears. I feel she is very conscious of the outfits she picks that are not only trendy, smart, and eye-catching, but won’t take away from what she is doing. I think that Meghan is going for a more tailored approach as it comes across as business-like,” she said.

Latifa Yedroudj, a journalist for Express, noted that Markle’s choice of colors after she married Prince Harry were lighter and brighter. An expert claimed that this could be Markle’s way of telling the world that she’s clearly in love.

Markle and Prince Harry’s next joint engagement will take place from Oct. 16 to 31 and it will be an overseas tour of Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, and the Kingdom of Tonga. At the 16-day tour, Markle may or may not wear an all-black ensemble.