Meghan Markle’s royal duties as she prepares for the arrival of her first child next spring may include finding someone new to add to her staff, following news that one of her assistants has quit working for the Duchess of Sussex.

According to Eden Confidential, a column in the Daily Mail, sources claim that Markle's personal assistant, a woman named Melissa, has suddenly quit her job, and it is unclear why.

“It’s a real shock,” a source told Richard Eden, who writes the column.

In his column, Eden hinted that there may have been a level of creative difference between the Duchess and the PA, who reportedly worked with her and was considered to have had a “pivotal” role in the success of the May 19 nuptials between the former actress and Prince Harry.

Eden discussed how Markle’s former agent, Gina Neithorpe-Cowne, revealed prior to the wedding that the Duchess was known for being ruthless when it came to getting what she wanted. In a separate interview with the publication, Neithorpe-Cowne stated that Markle was “picky” when it came to things like clothes and even her colleagues, and would dismiss those who didn’t share her “vision.”

“Meghan likes to move on,” she said at the time.

Of course, it should be noted that in the former agent’s interview, she also said several positive things about her former employer, and it appeared she meant that Markle was ruthless in a good way.

Regardless of why the assistant left her post, Markle will be plenty busy the next few months. She not only has several royal duties to fulfill but is expecting her first child with her husband. The pair confirmed the news in October.

Among the preparations for their new bundle of joy will be adjustments to their marriage, according to Express UK, which consulted experts who admitted that even the Royals have to deal with changes in their marriages when a new baby enters their lives.

“Becoming parents for the first time is the biggest test a marriage faces due to all changes a couple has to go through when the baby arrives,” relationship expert Jazz Bjelica said. “It shows how mature a couple is and how Meghan and Harry will handle it.”

The pair’s child will be born in Spring 2019.