Prince Charles
Some people are convinced that Prince Charles can be a good king. Pictured: Prince Charles speaks at a reception to celebrate frontline nursing in the UK at Buckingham Palace on Mar. 14, 2018 in London, England. Dominic Lipinski - WPA Pool/Getty Images

Prince Charles was recently criticized in Tom Bower’s unauthorized biography.

However, some people came to the future king’s defense. One such person is Daily Mail writer Dominic Sandbrook. He said that Prince Charles can actually become a good king in the near future.

Sandbrook said that Prince Charles has been a good Prince of Wales for the past couple of years. And as such, he shouldn’t be criticized regardless if he has outrageous demands or not.

“We often forget that Charles is not a young man. He is 69, old enough for a pension and a bus pass. But he still undertakes some 600 engagements a year, to the visible delight of the people he meets along the way,” he said.

Sandbrook also talked about the Prince’s Trust, which the Prince of Wales founded in 1976. As of late, at least 870,000 young people already received assistance from the trust. And even though Prince Charles sought the help of other people to put the Prince’s Trust up, his contributions can never be discounted.

Prince Charles has also been involved in a number of different causes including architecture, nature, and alternative medicine.

“As a campaigner against plastic pollution, too, Charles deserves great credit. As the Mail has argued in recent months, governments have completely failed to rise to the challenge of millions of tons of plastic contaminating our oceans and destroying our countryside. So good for Charles for lending his voice to what is surely one of the outstanding causes of our times,” he said.

Meanwhile, Penny Junor recently said that Prince Charles may have a bad temper, but his not a bully. The two men have been friends for about 30 years.

“Yes, he is spoilt, he is petulant, he is pampered, and there is no denying he takes everything but the kitchen sink when he goes to stay away home for any length of time. He also has a terrible temper and has a great tendency to feel sorry for himself. I have been writing all these for years, and so have others. There are no extraordinary revelations there,” he said (via Mirror).