Royals fans were unaware of the issues in Prince Charle and Princess Diana’s marriage until the couple announced their separation in 1992. However, in the years leading up their announcement, the couple remained silent about their unhappy marriage.

Charles reportedly began his affair with Camilla Parker Bowles in 1986. During that year, the Prince and Princess of Wales attended a concert at Wembley, in which an unearthed video shows Charles bumping into Diana.

According to, the video was shared by a Princess Diana fan account on Instagram. The physical encounter between the couple left fans divided. In the footage, Prince Charles is seen speaking to another individual when he suddenly bumps Diana on the should and causes her to lose her balance.

The Prince of Wales doesn’t appear to apologize to his wife. Instead, he puts his hand behind her back and continues his conversation. Fans who were aware of the couple’s marriage troubles accused Prince Charles intentionally bumping into Princess Diana.

“I don’t like this video. It is clear Charles bumped into Diana deliberately,” one person wrote.

Meanwhile, another fan defended the Prince of Wales and insisted the incident was an accident. “I think he was speaking and did not realize what he was going to do. But a very rude way to treat Diana,” the Instagram user wrote.

During her 1995 Panorama interview, Princess Diana appeared to suggest Charles gave her the cold shoulder after he began his affair with Camilla. She revealed that the attention from the press created further tension in their marriage.

“It made it very difficult, because for a situation where it was a couple working in the same job – we got out the same car, we shook the same hand, my husband did the speeches, I did the handshaking,” she explained.

“So basically we were a married couple doing the same job, which is very difficult for anyone, and more so if you’ve got all the attention on you. We struggled a bit with it, it was very difficult. Then my husband decided that we do separate engagements, which was a bit sad for me because I quite liked the company. But, there again, I didn’t have the choice.”

Prince Charles and Princess Diana finalized their divorce in 1996. The Prince of Wales went on to marry Camilla in a quaint ceremony in 2005.