Princess Diana was left heartbroken after she and Prince Charles announced their separation in 1992. Despite her pain, she managed to find happiness, thanks to her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry.

However, the Princess of Wales was later left devastated when a photo of Charles enjoying a vacation with their children began to circulate in the press.

During an appearance on Yahoo’s Royal Box, former Mirror and Express editor, Eve Pollard claimed Princess Diana became jealous when she saw a picture of Prince Charles playing with William, Harry, and their friends.

“This is years and years later, and by now she was, I think, certainly separated, maybe divorced, from Prince Charles,” she explained.

“There was a lovely picture of him taking William and Harry skiing, I think, and they were accompanied by two other boys, and in this picture, I think Prince Charles pretended to strangle one of the boys.”

Pollard revealed the publication she worked for covered the piece and detailed Prince Charles’ bond with his sons and their friends.

“We wrote a piece saying, ‘he obviously knows his sons’ friends well’, which means, he obviously spends quite a bit of time with them, otherwise, you wouldn’t pretend to strangle a child, and I think she wasn’t very pleased with that,” she said.

Unlike past members of the royal family, Princess Diana was a hands-on mother and had a deep bond with her children. Seeing Charles share a special moment with Prince William and Prince Harry left her upset.

“She was the Earth mother to these boys - you know, all those pictures of them at Alton towers, and all those pictures of them on holidays, on Necker, all sorts of places,” Pollard stated.

“And this was at the stage where, I think, she was still feeling very hurt and aggressive towards Charles. You know, there are stages in life, and that happened then.”

Prince Charles and Princess Diana finalized their divorce in 1996. The Prince of Wales went on to marry Camilla Parker Bowles in 2005.

Princess Diana, Prince Harry, Prince William and Prince Charles
Princess Diana, Prince Harry, Prince William and Prince Charles watch the parade march past as part of the commemorations of VJ Day on Aug. 19, 1995 in London. Getty Images/Johnny Eggitt